Introducing Venture by Design

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Introducing Venture by Design

In 2020, it's easier than ever to learn from other people. There is too much valuable content shared about most topics for anyone to keep track of. For the entrepreneurially inclined like us, that's incredibly exciting! It has become easy to learn from the successes and failures of others to help us craft our journey...

The Internet is full of great information, but I've noticed a common thread among the resources I enjoy most. The most impactful content is knowledge shared through the lens of someone else's passion and domain expertise. These informational gems highlight the sharer's unique way of thinking, informed by their industry's distinct outlook on the world. I want to do this for design.

Venture by Design offers universal lessons from the vast world of design. It's about extrapolating and sharing insights from the work of millions of creative minds around the world. The goal is to elevate design methodology to anyone who can benefit from it.

The newsletter will explore many facets of the design industry to extract insights relevant to every entrepreneur. We'll examine:

  • Design domains — We'll look at how individual design niches strengthen the wider design industry so that you can evaluate your industry for similar opportunities.
  • Industry trends — We'll explore the evolution of the design industry to consider its implications for your area of expertise.
  • Design principles — We'll evaluate how the concepts that shape design logic can inform your work.
  • Designer techniques — We'll look at specific techniques that designers employ and how they might be useful for you.
  • Creative artifacts — We'll examine specific design artifacts so that you can adapt them to suit your workflows.

I hope you'll join this journey to harness the power of design in your entrepreneurial efforts. I'll be publishing once every month, with valuable insights and no spam content, ever. Subscribe to follow along!

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